Q: What is WEBRADIO-24?

A: WEBRADIO-24 is a worldwide directory of internet radio stations. The radio stations are clearly categorized with genres and can be played directly here on the website or on your own player. – WEBRADIO-24 is not an independent internet radio. w24 is not responsible for the contents of the respective streams. TOP

Q: My entry was reviewed by the directory staff, but does not appear in the listing. Why?

A: We checked the entry, but the stream and / or website was unavailable. Please make sure that your stream is always online. We only accept radio stations which are online 24/7 TOP

Q: Is my entry immediately online as soon as I finish it?

A: No. We review each entry manually and correct any errors. New entries will normally be released in 2-8 days. (Btw. messages by email will also be answered in 2-8 days.) TOP


A: Radio stations receive the status of “Featured Listing” from us (the WEBRADIO-24 Directory Staff) if we consider a radiostation to be particularly worth promoting. This may be due to different reasons: excellent audio quality, excellent music selection, fast stream connection, free of advertising in the audiostream, professional internet appearance, comprehensible / sufficient operator information, uniqueness, etc. – whether a radio station gets the status “featured listing” we decide spontaneously. This status is not permanent and can be changed by us at any time. TOP

Q: Which format my stream must have?

A: MP3 streams only. These are also compatible with our player. Depending on the provider or server type, the streams can be available in different forms. Please make sure to specify the exact and complete string when entering into the directory. Incomplete stream URL’s we have to do extensive research. If we don’t succeed in doing so, we will not release them for the directory. If the stream is not online or unavailable during the check by us, there is also no release for the directory.
(Best are always URL’s ending with .pls e.g. …/listen.pls or …/stream.pls) TOP

Q: Do I need to have my own website to be included in the directory?

A: No. – But without a website (representing your radio station visually and optically) the chances of your entry being marked with “featured listing” in the directory are drastically reduced. Furthermore, your entry will not receive a logo, because we link it from your website.
TIP: It is best to include the url to your station-logo in the commentary if you enter your radio station with us. TOP

Q: Should I send a station-logo by eMail?

A: No. – Please give us a LINK to your hosted station logo (e.g. on your website or on another server) – a station logo is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended. TOP

Q: My entry must be changed (update). What do I have to do?

A: Your station is already listed, but you want to change the entry? – Then contact us! Note: Use the same Email address you used when registering your station (or add your old Email address as well). This is necessary for the authorization.TOP